Astello LLC provides expert ductless mini-split installation services for cooling and heating in the Albany, NY area and Capital District. Our team ensures efficient, professional installations that enhance energy efficiency and maintain comfort year-round. For reliable service and ongoing support, call us at (518) 328-1343.
AC Installation

Once we recommend a new air conditioning system, trust our expert technicians to install and test it for optimal performance.

AC Replacement

Provides enhanced efficiency and advanced features. Seek expert assistance for your new air conditioning replacement.

AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance can help your system run better, use less energy, and save you money. Schedule your service with Astello!

AC Repair

Receive the prompt, long-lasting air conditioning repairs you deserve. Local experts are ready to help you find the right solution.

Ductless heating systems provide a modern, efficient, and flexible solution for heating homes without the need for ductwork. These systems offer significant energy savings by utilizing advanced heat pump technology, which transfers heat rather than generating it, making them more energy-efficient than traditional heating methods. Additionally, ductless systems improve air quality since they don’t circulate dust and allergens like duct-based systems can. Whether you’re looking to heat an older home, a new addition, or specific zones within your home, ductless heating systems ensure reliable and efficient warmth. Moreover, their ease of installation and quiet operation make them a practical choice for enhancing home comfort.

Ductless heating and cooling systems offer numerous advantages that make them an excellent choice for modern homes and buildings. First and foremost, they provide zoning control, allowing you to heat or cool individual rooms or entire spaces with precision. This targeted approach not only enhances comfort but also results in significant cost savings, as high-efficiency systems minimize energy loss by avoiding ductwork. Additionally, ductless systems operate more quietly than traditional HVAC units, ensuring a peaceful indoor environment. Furthermore, their quick and easy installation requires no major renovations, making them a convenient option for any home. Lastly, these systems filter the air, effectively eliminating allergens and bacteria, thereby improving indoor air quality and promoting a healthier living space.

Ductless air conditioning systems provide a modern, efficient, and versatile solution for cooling and heating homes. These systems are particularly beneficial in situations where traditional ductwork is impractical or unavailable. By offering significant energy efficiency, they help homeowners reduce energy costs while maintaining optimal comfort. Moreover, ductless systems enhance air quality by minimizing the circulation of dust and allergens, which is a common issue with ducted systems. Additionally, their ease of installation makes them a convenient and less invasive option, ideal for both new constructions and retrofits. Overall, ductless air conditioning systems are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking to improve their living environment and achieve long-term savings.

Daikin floor mounted unit Astello Ductless Mini Split Installation services
Floor Mounted Mini Splits

Offering versatile installation options for spaces with limited wall or ceiling space, without compromising on efficiency or comfort.
About Floor Mounted Mini Splits

Daikin ceiling cassette unit Astello Ductless Mini Split Installation services
Ceiling Cassettes

Discreet and effective heating and cooling solutions that blend seamlessly into the ceiling, maximizing space utilization.
About Ceiling Cassettes

Daikin Emura Installation in Albany
Wall Mounted Splits

Sleek and space-saving solutions that deliver powerful heating and cooling performance while complementing any interior decor.
About Wall Mounted Splits

New HVAC System Cost

If you’re concerned about the cost of a new HVAC system, rest assured that we understand every project and budget is unique. At Astello, we prioritize your specific needs and financial considerations to provide the most suitable solution for your situation. By contacting us for a quote, you can receive a detailed estimate tailored to your requirements, ensuring transparency and affordability. Furthermore, our team is committed to managing the entire installation process, from planning to execution, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your life. Let Astello take care of everything, so you can enjoy a comfortable and efficient home without breaking the bank.

If you have a room in your Albany residence or business premises that you wish to regulate the temperature in, but you’re concerned about the complexities of installing extra ductwork, ductless mini-split systems offer the perfect solution. These systems are ideal for situations where installing traditional ductwork is impractical, providing efficient cooling and heating without the need for extensive renovations. Moreover, mini-split systems enhance comfort by allowing precise temperature control in individual spaces. Additionally, they improve energy efficiency and air quality, making them a sustainable and healthy choice. Continue reading to discover more about the benefits of mini-split air conditioning and the comprehensive installation services we offer throughout Albany and the Capital District.

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Astello Ductless Mini Split Installation Services is delighted to offer expert mini-split air conditioning installation in Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, Troy, and surrounding areas. When you require mini-split AC services in the Capital District, we’re prepared to assist you. Simply call us at

(518) 328-1343

Daikin Emura Mini Split in the bedroom
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Maintenance Services

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Regular Cleaning

This involves cleaning the air filters, coils, and fins to ensure proper airflow and efficiency.

Coil Inspection and Cleaning

Cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can reduce system efficiency.

describes HVAC system Tune UP

Refrigerant Check

Checking the refrigerant levels and ensuring there are no leaks, as low refrigerant levels can affect system performance.

Checking Electrical Components

Inspecting electrical connections, capacitors, and other components to ensure they are in good condition and functioning properly.

Checking Drainage

Inspecting and clearing the condensate drain line to prevent clogs and water damage.

Checking Insulation

Inspecting insulation on refrigerant lines to ensure they are properly insulated, preventing energy loss.

System Performance Check

Testing the system’s overall performance and efficiency to identify any issues and address them promptly.